Why Bloodhounds?

why bloodhounds

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A special needs K9 Search and Rescue group of current and former Law Enforcement K9 officers with a passion for accurate tracking and recovery K9 work. Dedicated to the rescue/recovery of autistic, dementia, Alzheimer's patients.

We are a non-profit organization. 

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    Dogs first taught to track or trail may later be trained in air scent. However, dogs first taught to air scent can rarely be taught to track or trail because air scenting is the easiest and most natural for the dog. Often air scent dogs naturally combine all three methods to locate a subject. Dogs instinctively use their noses to locate things in everyday life, so the real training is to teach them (1) to locate the lost person or article and (2) to notify the handler that the subject or article has been found. This notification is called the alert..
    Dogs can locate people because all humans have an individual human scent left behind by the 40,000 skin cells dropped per minute. Air currents carry these cells that dogs can detect with their sensitive nose.
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Families Helping Families - Interview

April 2019

Air Assets

Cessna 172 Plane

Cessna 172 Plane

Robinson R44 Helicopter

Robinson R44 Helicopter



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